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This week, Curt Erler talks about the writing journey as a rest from the onslaught of the corporate world. After 25 years of working in a regular job, Erler does what he loves and loves what he does. For him, retirement isn’t about sitting around. It’s about enjoying your life.

What genre(s) of writing are your books?

My first book, “Southside Kid” was in the Bio / Memoir genre.

This was followed by a piece of Romantic Fiction, “Mantilla Lady Visits Baseball’s Purgatory”.

My most recent writing, “Heaven Bound In The Dead Of Winter” would fall into the category of Religious/Fiction

What first attracted you to this/these genres?


After retiring from twenty-five plus years in the corporate world and writing what I needed to write. It was time to write what I wanted to write. What attracted me to the Bio’ writing was simply my desire to talk about life in general. I felt, very strongly, that I had grown up in the most wonderful era that this country has ever experienced, the post WWII era. This era as well as the locale in which I grew to be a man…Chicago. Specifically, the blue collar world of this great city’s “Southside”. I am of the mind that it’s truly the people, the cultures, the music, the love, integrity and patriotism of this environment that made this journey such an interesting one, at least for this “Southside Kid”.


“Mantilla Lady Visits Baseball’s Purgatory” allowed me to write about a few of my favorite subjects: baseball, romance and musical lyrics.


Not unlike most of us, I have always had an extreme interest in the afterlife, “Heaven”, if you will. Excerpts from the prologue below:

“Heaven Bound In The Dead Of Winter” – was originally inspired by a very persistent dream…night after night. This was a dream that didn’t want to end. No matter how hard I tried to escape…it persisted. This left me with a couple of options. I could shake it off and try to forget it or attempt to understand its message. I have opted to stay in my dream for awhile. I would like to take you along.

In the chapter – “An Empty Room ~ Yet So Crowded” – you will meet many folks who are trying to find their way. Hopefully – you will find these souls heart lifting – peaceful and inspiring. This effort is intended to heighten the reader’s awareness and offer a window into the varied circumstances in which we all live and die. The diverse cast of characters are preparing for and anticipating God’s final call. Some will linger in their doubts – waiting for that last train. Most will pray and wait. A few – through God’s miraculous powers – will travel right before your eyes!

How did you hear about Read Local San Diego, and how has the organization played a role in your success?

I have been fortunate enough to participate in several events sponsored by NCAP. All of the folks involved have been so active and generous with their time. Not offering special kudos to Mary Quigley would be remiss.

What are you working on now?

Like so many of us, my mind seems to be full of stories, messages and the like. Presently, I am working on a Christmas story. There is also, a fictional bio’ of a young boy fending for himself in a cold and most times lonely city stealing much of my time.

While these efforts are in the forefront, I continue to pen a rather controversial look at the future of our country and our world.

Are there any upcoming events where people can hear you speak and meet you?

It appears that most of time in the near future may be working with a Chicago production company. There has been some persistent interest in creating a documentary of “Southside Kid”. More on this subject to follow as things unfold.

What guidance or lessons learned can you offer prospective writers?

The following is, from my web-site…

I consider this writing thing that I do – a privilege – a gift from God – if you will.

As I have traveled from one book event to another, the most common expression that seems to be voiced is; “I should write a book, I could write so much about my life, etc., etc….”

My response is always the same; “Why don’t you?”

Everybody has a story to write. Whether it be, your memoirs, something to pass on to generations yet to come or a story that you long to spin – do it – do it now!

I have sat and chatted with young and old alike. My message to those ‘older’ folks with so very much stored in that wonderful computer that God gave us – our brain, I simply advise my new friends to write down their thoughts and memories as they surface. It can encompass a life-time, a career, a stint in the military, a special person in your life or maybe your favorite vacation. Whether it is a word, a sentence or a chapter, get it down now. You’ll be surprised at how quickly that brain will hunt and find – the rest of the story.

To the younger folks – “the kids” – my best advice is to keep a journal. As we walk through this world, the experiences continue to manifest, day by day, year by year.

Grab a pen or head for that keyboard – start writing ASAP – you will not regret it – I promise!

For me – the thought of writing came after a bout with cancer and some serious surgery. God was good to me – he had something more for me to do.

After spending 25+ years in a corporate environment and writing what I needed to write, a certain mental revelation struck me. “Write what you want to write and start writing – now.”

… and, I’m so glad that I did!

Thanks for reading, now start writing.


BTW, this week my blog is on e-publishing and future publishing trends.

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