Read Local strives to get authors out from behind their computers and face to face with readers to create a richer reading experience for all. We hope this will nurture non-readers into excited readers and casual readers into voracious readers and spur book sales. Our vision is that more people will choose to read more books.

These goals will be accomplished in two ways to start:

  • By compiling the most comprehensive, searchable online directory of authors available
  • By connecting readers and authors in a variety of author-featured events throughout local metropolitan areas

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  • READ LOCAL is a KNOWLEDGE BASE. Its comprehensive, searchable online database is THE source to discover local authors.
  • READ LOCAL is a NETWORK. It creates connections between readers and authors, and between authors and people who feature authors.
  • READ LOCAL is a MARKETING COALITION. It helps authors build relationships with readers, publishers, and the media, and expands the market reach of sponsors and venues by drawing traffic to their locations.
  • READ LOCAL is a FACILITATOR. It unifies diverse groups of readers, authors, publishers, and literary support and creates a literary coalition and channel. It aids the Community Relationship Managers, Event Coordinators, Producers, Reporters and others by being a single source for talent, contact, and organization.

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Do I have to join to enjoy the author benefits?
Yes, authors must join to be included in the directory. Join Now

What do I get if I join READ LOCAL?
As an introductory offer, a basic listing in the Read Local Directory is free and includes author name, book title, genre, and location. An Extended Listing, which adds all the information readers and others need to really understand your book, costs $25 per year. With an Extended Listing you can upload the cover of your book and your author photo, include an author bio, book description, and a link to your website. You will be able to choose 5 relevant keywords so that readers and the media can find you and your book. It will include a link to your website and a retail source of your choice. This is all the information someone in the industry or the media needs to help promote your book.
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Can I list more than one book?
Yes.You can list as many books as you want with a free basic listing. For Extended Listings, the first book is $25 and all other books are $10 each.
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What does it cost to be involved in Read Local Events?
We do not charge for all events, but some, such as book festivals or co-op booths at street fairs throughout the county, will carry a minimal charge to offset the costs, equipment, and coordination. For instance, a slot in a coop booth at a street fair costs $25. Compare this to $200 it costs to actually rent your own booth!

How can I participate in the events?
At this time the best way to hear about Read Local events is to sign up for the directory. We will send out notices about Read Local opportunities to the members of the directory. Starting June 1, however, you will need to be signed up for the directory to be informed of event opportunities.


Online Membership gets you a listing on the database, searchable by readers, booksellers, librarians, reporters, producers, event planners, associations, organizations, and anyone interested in featuring local authors. It gives you numerous opportunities to meet face to face with your reading public.Join Now


You get the opportunity meet with the reading public, to read your work and sell your books at the event. You have the opportunity to network with readers, booksellers, librarians, reporters, producers, event planners, other writers, and publishing professionals.Join Now

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