About Us


Read Local’s Mission is to encourage reading by connecting readers with authors from their local area. Our vision is that more people will read more books.

We want to raise awareness of the expansive literary community within a metropolitan area, to foster a meaningful connection between local authors and readers, and to enrich the lives of readers through ongoing events and outreach programs.

  • To raise awareness of a metropolitan area’s literary community, Read Local creates awareness of books and published materials created by local residents. In this way, Read Local nurtures local authors, publishers, and reading and at the same time, brings cohesion to the diverse literary community.
  • To foster a meaningful connection between readers and authors, Read Local offers valuable opportunities for authors to create excitement about their books. We provide an expanded market for publishers and authors. We nurture readers and reading by creating opportunities for readers to “touch greatness”—to develop a personal relationship with authors.
  • To enrich the lives of readers, Read Local offers ongoing events and outreach programs. We encourage the process of discovery—by delivering books to a new audience of readers and expanding awareness of wonderful, homegrown authors.

READ LOCAL applauds the enormous achievement of writing a book. Authors deserve to be supported and nurtured wherever they are. We also recognize the amazing network of literary groups that foster emerging—and established—authors, and the tireless support they give to the literary community.

One way we can support authors is by encouraging readers to Read Local — that is, to seek titles that are written by local authors. This “buy local” movement is spreading rapidly through the American consciousness, and it’s time to encourage it in the literary community as well.


Authors write because they have something special to share: expertise, perspective, or a great, imaginative story.

Readers read because they want to gather information and experience, or they want to be entertained. The bottom line is that both— readers and authors—want to connect.

Contrary to predictions from a few decades ago (when people were convinced technology would lead to the disappearance of the book), there are tremendous and exciting opportunities in publishing today—affordable production options, accessible distribution channels, and targeted marketing strategies. The Internet has brought interested people together, and authors can reach those niche groups more easily than ever before.

However, this means authors are not only writing their books from behind computer screens; they’re also marketing them there. Readers love discovering a new book, but they love it even more when they feel a one-on-one connection to the author. This comes when authors move out from behind their computer screens and into a person-to-person event.

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