Jeniffer Thompson

Jeniffer Thompson, Author Services and Websites

Jeniffer Thompson is an Author, Speaker and Internet Marketing Strategist. She has helped thousands of authors find their way on the Internet. She is passionate about educating authors on how to use the Internet and web 2.0 techniques that will sell books. She reveals methods to fit any lifestyle in terms of budget, time, and comfort level.

Mrs. Thompson believes that everyone has the power to create a website that sells, it’s simply a matter of knowing your audience, knowing how to deliver your message, and ultimately creating a sales funnel that draws in your audience and converts traffic into revenue.

There are three things to consider:

1. What are you selling?

2. Who is your audience?

3. What are your top three goals for your website?

Once you have answered these three questions, you can then determine the best way to create your online marketing campaign:

  • Engage your audience with a clear message and targeted design.
  • Create a powerful sales funnel that leads your readers into your site.
  • Stay in touch with your readers by gathering emails and contact information.
  • Encourage repeat visits and viral marketing by offering value to your readers.

Once you know that your site is converting you can start driving traffic and optimize your site for increased visibility. Mrs. Thompson teaches a series of Web Site WOW seminars that demystifies Internet Marketing and offers step-by-step instructions that anyone, with any budget, can implement.

You can learn more about Jeniffer Thompson and her company Monkey C Media by visiting her websites.

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